In this weekly series, we look at the seven compensation myths as first detailed in a joint release in 2014 by the Association of Personal Injury Solicitors (APIL) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).


We revisit the myths and see if they still hold true in the hope that the phrase ‘compensation myth’ will finally be put to bed.

In last week’s article, we confirmed some truth in the statement many of these cases would not be taken if unions did not encourage their members to claim. But instead of approaching this as a negative comment, we championed unions for supporting the rights of their workers in gaining access to restorative justice.

This week, we take a closer look at the final myth;

Lawyers often drag these cases on unnecessarily to keep their costs up

While lawyers are often seen in a negative light by the public this comment is grossly unfair and insulting on a different level. To assume that lawyers are all money grabbing schemers is akin to suggesting that all mechanics are grease monkeys and all footballers are prima donnas. It’s wrong.

One thing is true though, dragging out cases can often increase costs, but the assumption that this is always the lawyers’ fault holds little to no truth. Often, cases are dragged out due to the defendant failing to admit liability. This, in turn, will delay any treatment and rehabilitation which would not only benefit the claimant personally, but could greatly improve the speed of recovery.


If personal injury claims were the revolving door some believe it to be then dragging out claims would be counter intuitive. Lawyers would want to settle claims as quickly as possible to ensure a steady streamed of income.

Lawyers often drag these cases on unnecessarily to keep their costs up – myth

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